1. Confirm that you typed in the correct URL. 2. Confirm that you have active internet service.

1. Verify the login details you entered is correct then click on Sign in 2. If it persists, contact your Admin to send you your login detail and to confirm that you were not blocked

1. Admin is responsible for providing Staff username and password 2. Always contact the application Admin

REMA is an indigenous real estate cloud based web application that is designed to enhance the activities of the Surveyor and other stakeholders in the real estate industry at all times to meet the clients’ expectations, the solution is flexible and adaptable, structured to capture, store, secure, notify, analyse and report information swiftly. REMA automates major activities carried out in a real estate firm, thereby making the work process more efficient, reliable and secured. With REMA Surveyors can work from any location at any time without constraints. With its beautiful and interactive user interface anyone can easily use and navigate through it.